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Drug Abuse in the News

Anxiety Medications and Drug Screening: What You Should Know

We receive many questions about how long medications, especially benzodiazepines , remain in your system and whether they are detected in a drug screening. Benzodiazepines are anti-anxiety medications and include Xanax , Klonopin , Valium , and Ativan , which are often taken to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, especially in those suffering from panic attacks . [...]

Are More U.S. Women Using Pot to Ease Morning Sickness?

The study of more than 220,000 pregnant women found that more than 5 percent had recently used marijuana. And it was more common among women who'd been suffering from morning sickness. [...]

Cordray vs. DeWine: AG performance key to governor's race

Eight years ago, they went head-to-head for the attorney general's office, with the Republican DeWine narrowly ousting the short-term incumbent Democrat Cordray by a 1.3 percentage point margin. Now, they are squaring off again - this time in a toss-up race for governor - having shared billing as Ohio's top cop and leading lawyer, although DeWine's nearly eight-year tenure is four times longer than Cordray's abbreviated two years. [...]

Appeal Court overturns decision to exclude father's cocaine test

A decision to exclude a positive test of cocaine use by the father of a nine-year-old girl in a child-protection proceeding has been overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. The Community Services Department appealed a Feb. 16 decision by Justice Theresa M. Forgeron to exclude toxicology test results of the girl's father, who had requested unsupervised access to the child. [...]

Belmonte stresses vital role parents play in welfare, dev't of youth

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has stressed the vital role that parents play in the overall welfare and development of the youth as she sought their increased involvement in their children's school activities. She called on the various parent-teacher associations to practice 'servant leadership' as they carry out the important role of guiding and leading in the schools and in the city. [...]

Police: Sex offender took upskirt videos of stranded motorist, had child porn in car Source: WPXI

A Washington state sex offender who previously spent time in prison for possessing child pornography is suspected of taking upskirt videos of an unsuspecting motorist he was assisting, as well as voyeuristic videos of unsuspecting women giving massages, court documents show . Nickolas Jay Shreck , 40, is charged in King County Superior Court with first-degree voyeurism and possession of child pornography. [...]

Barbour/Taylor community corrections official: Meth positives show 'staggering' increase

Methamphetamine led the way as the drug mostly likely to show up in the systems of Taylor and Barbour County community corrections participants in drug screens conducted over the past fiscal year. The Taylor County program reported 157 positives for methamphetamine, 138 for amphetamine, 58 for marijuana , 57 for Suboxone, 35 for alcohol, 22 for Ecstasy , 13 for benzodiazepines, eight for oxycodone, six for opiates, 5 for tramadol, three for cocaine and two for morphine. [...]

Smoke pot at home, get fired at work: Marijuana not welcomed in the workplace

Although recreational marijuana is now legal in Massachusetts, workers should not assume it's any more welcome in the workplace. Employers across the Bay State have done little to change drug-testing policies in the two years since voters approved recreational marijuana. [...]

Police union first to agree on pact

After months of negotiations with the new city manager -- following negotiations that were favorable to unions with the previous city manager -- the first of 17 city unions has a contract. The City Council on Tuesday adopted the three-year contract for the Lowell Police Superior Officers. [...]

Proponents of pot-infused coffee tout 'medical and health' benefits

Cannabidiol , a compound found in cannabis, has been a hot topic of debate among the medical community and proponents of alternative therapy who say it helps treat seizures, anxiety and pain, among other ailments. But stark opponents, like U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have remained steadfast in their opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana use and marijuana-based products across the U.S. "I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store," Sessions has said. [...]

Appeal court overturns decision in Cape Breton drug testing case

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has overturned a Sydney family court judge's ruling relating to drug testing in a child custody case. In writing the unanimous decision for a three-member panel of the appeal court, Justice Peter Bryson ruled the court was allowing the appeal, brought by the Department of Community Services, and ordering that positive drug results from the father be entered into evidence in a custody proceeding. [...]

'If You're Poor or Disabled, the GOP Wants You to Die': Outrage as...

President Donald Trump acknowledges the audience as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma looks on at the South Court Auditorium of Eisenhower Executive Office Building January 18, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Undeterred by lawsuits , federal court rulings , and widespread moral outrage over its efforts to strip life-saving healthcare from tens of thousands of vulnerable Americans, the Trump administration is reportedly planning to sign off on yet another flurry of waivers that would allow Republican governors like Wisconsin's Scott Walker to impose deeply cruel work requirements and other punitive restrictions on Medicaid recipients. [...]

Mother of Bella Bond cited for second alleged probation violation

For the second time, Rachelle Bond has allegedly taken drugs in violation of the terms of probation that she received last year for her role in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Bella, whose remains washed ashore in a trash bag on Deer Island in 2015, officials said. Coria Holland, a spokeswoman for the state Probation Service, said in an e-mail that "a notice of an alleged violation of Probation" was filed against Bond on Aug. 10. Bond, 43, "tested positive for using substances and admitted to use," Holland wrote. [...]

N.S. Court of Appeal overturns earlier decision on drug tests

For more than two decades, Motherisk performed flawed hair-strand tests on thousands of vulnerable families across Canada, influencing decisions in child protection cases that separated parents from their children and sometimes children from their siblings. The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has overturned a lower court decision that ruled results from drug tests from a Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre lab could not be admitted as evidence in a child protection case because the lab wasn't designated a forensic lab. [...]

Synthetic pot seen as a public health danger

Some marijuana smokers turned to it because it is relatively cheap and not detected in routine drug testing. Dozens of people in New Haven, Connecticut, went to the hospital this week after overdosing on a batch of synthetic pot. [...]