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Drug Abuse in the News

Convicted burglar violates probation - againDefendant was sent to a...

A convicted Norwalk burglar will be kicked off probation after he serves a 60-day jail sentence for violating his probation. Mitchell S. Adams, 26, most recently of 4926 U.S. 250, Apt. [...]

3 minor leaguers suspended for positive drug tests

Cincinnati pitcher Brian Hunter has been suspended for 80 games under baseball's minor league drug program following a positive test for a banned performance-enhancing substance, and Los Angeles Angels pitcher Greg Belton and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ivan Vieitez have been banned 50 games each after positive tests for prohibited stimulants. Hunter tested positive for Ipamorelin, which increases plasma growth hormone. [...]

Random drug testing yet to be brought in to the police force

Random drug testing is yet to be introduced by the police, two years after the tehn police commissioner said there were plans to bring in testing. Information released under the Official Information Act shows it is only mandatory for police to be drug and alcohol testing after a police shooting. [...]

Washington Public Employer Hit with $1.8 Million Judgment for Failing ...

Last month, a Washington federal district court judge ordered an employer to pay a terminated employee a little over $1.8 million in damages for failing to accommodate the employee's use of opioids that had been prescribed to treat her migraines, and for terminating her for a positive drug test result.1 Although employers typically have a right to implement and enforce clear drug-testing policies so as to maintain a safe and productive work environment, the decision underscores the importance of engaging in an interactive process with job applicants and employees and providing reasonable accommodations to those taking prescription drugs for medical conditions. [...]

Employers warned to take action now on safety issues before pot is legalized

Elizabeth Chiu is a reporter with CBC Nova Scotia and host of Atlantic Tonight on Saturdays at 7 p.m. AT, 7:30 p.m. NST. If you have a story idea for her, contact her at elizabeth.chiu@cbc.ca. [...]

Dear Littler: A potential new hire shaved his head after learning...

Dear Littler : We recently offered a position to a candidate at one of our retail locations. He had a reasonable amount of head hair at the time we offered the job. [...]

Massachusetts SJC: Medical Marijuana Users May Be Safe from Employer Discrimination

In a landmark decision that is likely to influence other states, a recent ruling in Massachusetts protects medical marijuana users against discrimination by their employers absent undue hardship. In Barbuto v. [...]

Drug driving a problem in MIA?

MIA is ranked number 10 in the worst areas for drug driving in NSW, with 75 people being charged last financial year, according to NSW Police figures. Chief Inspector John Wadsworth of the Griffith LAC attributes the high statistics in the MIA to the large amount of tests his officers are conducting, rather than a widespread drug problem. [...]

Waiting Game: Delayed drug test results a challenge for officers

The lengthy turnaround time is another side effect of the opioid epidemic that is posing a challenge for law enforcement. In February, a man led police on a chase in Austintown and left behind drugs. [...]

Waiting Game: Lengthy wait for drug test results a challenge for officers

An influx of complex drug mixtures over the last year is bogging down Ohio BCI's crime labs. The lengthy turnaround time is another side effect of the opioid epidemic that is posing a challenge for law enforcement. [...]

Parolee allegedly used urine-filled device to try to pass drug test

A Stroudsburg man is charged with using a homemade device to smuggle clean urine into the Monroe County Courthouse to pass a drug test. Brian Oliver Decker used black electrical tape to connect a urine-filled latex glove with a plastic tube, according to police. [...]

Here's Why Yellen's Fed Cares About America's Opioid Epidemic

Bill Polacek's industry is dealing with a labor market problem so big, even Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is talking about it. A few years ago, Polacek interviewed 350 people to fill openings for 50 welders and machinists at his Johnstown, Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company. [...]

Crackdown on drink and drug driving in Suffolk sees more than 60 drivers fail alcohol and drug tests

A month-long campaign to tackle drink and drug driving in Suffolk has seen more than 60 drivers fail alcohol and drug tests. A total of 280 people were breathalysed on the county's roads during the campaign with 33 of them providing positive tests, a fail rate of 11.8%. [...]

Mount Clare woman accused of trying to escape from probation officer

A 23-year-old Mount Clare woman is accused of trying to escape from her probation officer, an accusation that could send her to prison. Kristin Fornash, on probation for nighttime burglary, appeared Tuesday before Harrison Chief Magistrate Mark Gorby on new charges of felony escape and misdemeanor fleeing from a probation officer. [...]

Mapleton approves drug testing policy

The Mapleton school board approved a drug testing policy aimed at students in athletics and extracurricular activities and those who drive to school. The tests will be of random samples of students during the school year and fully applies to all athletes, volunteers, drivers and extracurricular activities from grades nine to 12. If a student gets a positive test, the sample gets sent to a lab for further testing. [...]