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Drug Abuse in the News

Female drivers test positive for ice

Police attached to Shoalhaven Target Action Group stopped a 47-year-old female driving a 2008 silver Hyundai Tucson on Jervis Street, Nowra about 5.45pm on November 17. She was subjected to a random drug test which indicated a positive result for methylamphetamines and was taken to Nowra Police Station for a secondary oral fluid test which again provided a positive result for the same drug. In a separate incident, about 6pm on November 18 the same officers stopped a 1997 blue Hyundai Lantra sedan on Yawal Road, West Nowra, with a 40-year-old female driver was spoken to. [...]

Killer On Probation Gets Medical Pot Prescription

On probation for a bloody 1999 gang murder, Miguel Valdes takes a host of pills to keep his longtime schizophrenia in check. Now, he can also legally use another medicine - marijuana, a drug that normally would get a convicted killer locked up for violating probation. [...]

Wooster board member Sue Herman holds monthly office hours to meet with the public

Sue Herman, a Wooster City Schools' board member, has hung out her shingle at the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, where the public is welcome to give her input about the Wooster district during her office hours once a month. Over her tenure on the board, topics covered at the meetings with community members in her "office," one of the smaller conference rooms at the library, have ranged far and wide. [...]

Clearing the airon cannabis

The flurry of news articles on the upcoming legalization of cannabis is everywhere, and seems to be creating substantial fear among most employers. Much of this fear, of course, is about having to deal with the unknown. [...]

Documents: Limestone County mother arrested after 2-year-old eats meth

Court documents show Adrienne Lockard, 26, of Athens, was arrested after the Limestone County Department of Human Resources filed a report with the sheriff's officer after receiving complaints that she exposed her two-year-old son to methamphetamine. A DHR officer says her son was able to obtain a bag of methamphetamine and consume it. [...]

Cannabis is Canada's moment to lead the world

A few years ago, a Brazilian investment firm, 3G Capital, bought Canadian coffee icon Tim Hortons. In 1995, Labatt Brewery was swallowed up by Interbrew from Belgium, which was in turn merged with AmBev, also from Brazil. [...]

One-year-old Schofield girl tests positive for meth; father suspected

A one-year-old girl tested positive for methamphetamine and Everest Metro Police say the father had "somehow exposed" the child to the dangerous drug, according to police reports released Friday. The incident on Spring Street in Schofield was reported Nov. 8 and likely happened between Nov. 3-5 while the girl stayed with him under a joint custody agreement with the mother, the report said. [...]

Probation Department grant targets DUI offenders

The Butte County Probation Department has received a $200,270 grant to monitor high-risk, felony and repeat driving under the influence offenders to ensure they are following court directives. The grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety will allow unannounced home searches and random alcohol and drug testing, special monitoring, and certifying officers have Standardized Field Sobriety Testing training. [...]

Could officer's overdose death lead to random drug testing for police?

The Toronto Police Service says random drug testing of officers is among several possible initiatives currently being discussed after a drug squad officer died of a fentanyl overdose. With questions lingering following the tragic death of Constable Michael Thompson , Toronto Police are continuing to examine protocols and resources available to assist officers and screen for possible concerning behaviour, including drug use. [...]

Police conduct roadside drug testing in five Michigan counties

Mexican authorities have seized more than 800 pounds of cocaine being transported toward the LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Myisha Hines-Allen scored 19 points, Asia Durr had 13 and No. [...]

Judge's daughter in state police shakeup pleads guilty

The judge's daughter whose arrest led to the resignation of the two highest ranking officers of the Massachusetts State Police has pleaded guilty to some charges. Alli Bibaud was sentenced to 14 months of probation and ordered to undergo random drug testing after pleading guilty Friday to drunken driving and negligent operation charges. [...]

Trevecca students want apology after no drugs found, tested anyway

Two Trevecca Nazarene University students say they are embarrassed and their characters have been called into question after being forced to take a drug test when no drugs were found in their dorm room. The students told News 2 their room was the only one on the entire floor to be searched, so to prove their innocence, they took the drug test. [...]

First Marijuana Overdose Death Reported in Colorado

In Colorado, a state which has legalized recreational marijuana use, an 11-month-old baby's death two years ago was determined to be the first ever documented marijuana death. The report in the journal Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine reported that doctors found THC - the mind-altering drug found in marijuana - in the baby's system. [...]

Forensic Fluids Laboratories in KZoo helping MSP in roadside drug testing

Toxicologist Bridget Lorenz Lemberg held in her hand the newest way to test drivers for drugs: a thumb-sized cotton swab. She said Michigan State Police in select counties are already carrying it with them while out on patrol as part of a pilot program. [...]

Peach Bottom nuclear plant control room operator fails drug test

A control room operator at the Peach Bottom nuclear plant lost access to the plant after failing a controlled substance test, a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesperson confirmed Thursday. Exelon, which owns the plant, notified the NRC that the employee failed a fitness-for-duty test. [...]